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  • Lose fat according to your body type?
  • Feed your body properly?
  • Cook convenient meals that suit your fitness lifestyle?
  • Understand how your meal times affect your workouts?
  • Supplement what you may be missing in your diet?

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Walter E. Copeland, II

With a passion for health and wellness, Walter started his fitness career in 2004. His B.S. in Health Science and receiving accredited certifications from prestigious institutions such as Precision Nutrition and Yale University help shaped his purpose for helping individuals live a healthier lifestyle.

Walter opened his fitness gym in 2012, named WC Fitness. His vision was to create a friendly and supportive environment specializing in strength training progressions while integrating macro-nutrient guidance that would help everyone achieve their fitness goals. While the accolades detail his niches, he understands that his staff and clientele are the real reason he can do what he loves.


  • Health & Life Coach: Health Coach Institute
  • Heath Behavior Coach: Yale University
  • Exercise & Sports Nutritionist: Precision Nutrition
  • Nutritionist & Teacher: International Sports Conditioning Association

What you'll learn:


Discover how your body type affects the way you process certain foods. Learn the best ways to feed your body and keep yourself in the best possible working condition!


I'll give you tips and tricks for how to meal prep and time your eating so you get the most out of your workouts. Get a chance to ask questions during our live Q&A session.


Build confidence in your nutrition knowledge by learning how to supplement your diet with nutrients you might have been missing. Understand the risks and benefits to adding or eliminating certain foods in your diet.